[TRNSYS-users] Problem of pane temperature divergence

Marion Hiller Hiller at Transsolar.com
Sun Oct 5 23:43:10 PDT 2014


it is hard to tell without looking at your project.
If you send the project, I can have a look at it.


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like many users I have a problem of divergent temperatures for all my windows (see message below) with a simple TRNBUILD project, with constant CHTC always used in my previous studies, with 2 types 93 for gain calculations (I think no link with my problem).
I tried all proposals from mailing list in TRNSYS mailing list archive without success.
Does anyone have an idea?

[cid:image001.png at 01CFE141.5AD31320]

Thank you very in advance for any help.
Best Regards,


Pauline GELIN
Ingénieur Conception environnementale

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CFAA73.752A6F70]

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10 avenue des canuts
T :

Ligne directe :


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