[TRNSYS-users] Mobile solarscreens below a large overhang.

Renée Cools Renee.Cools at b2ai.com
Thu Oct 30 03:17:47 PDT 2014


Is it there an output from Trnbuild that gives you the radiation on the window before the mobile solar screen?

I have building with a very large trapezium shaped overhang and below 6 windows.
During the day, the shading is different on each window.
Additionally there are mobile solar screens on each window.
They should close if there is more than 150W/m² on the window.

If you use the "automatic control" according to window type. There is no "correction" for the large overhang, or nearby buildings.
If you use output 103 en 104 the shading of the solar screen is added each time the screen is down, so they go up on the first timestep, down on the next, and then up again..
Output 931 gives you the same as "automatic control"

How to control the mobile solar screens ? taking into account the large overhang?

Kind regards

Renée Cools

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