[TRNSYS-users] TRNFOW changes airnode to constant pressure node

Belleri Annamaria annamaria.belleri at eurac.edu
Tue May 13 03:14:41 PDT 2014

The names of the thermal airnodes are: F2_SWNW_CMA, F2_SW_CMA and F2_NW_CMA

The ID links where it happens are:
ID 4 from node F1_SW_CMA to node F2_SWNW_CMA, from height 2.9 to height 0
ID 5 from node F2_SWNW_CMA to node F2_SW_CMA, from height 5.45 to height 0
ID 6 from node F2_SW_CMA to exterior node EN_SW, from height 0 to height 10.8

ID 10 from node F1_NE_CMA2 to node F2_SWNW_CMA, from height 2.9 to height 0
ID 11 from node F2_SWNW_CMA to node F2_NW_CMA, from height 5.45 to height 0
ID 12 from node F2_NW_CMA to exterior node EN_NW, from height 0 to height 10.8

Please find attached the .b17 file.

Thank you

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Dear Annamaria,

What are the names of the thermal airnodes/zones?
Do the name of the modified airnode has "PA" in the name?
Can you send me the b17 and the link ID where this happens.

Best regards,

Transsolar Software Team


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Betreff: [TRNSYS-users] TRNFOW changes airnode to constant pressure node

Dear TRNSYS users,

I am using TRNFLOW to model airflows between zones. I have horizontal openings to connect ground floor zones to first floor zones so I set the own height factor of the large opening to 0.
When I save the bui file, the links to the thermal airnode are replaced with constant pressure nodes, with 0 Pa pressure and the Trnbuild stops working.

Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance,

_ _

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