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Hello Heidi,

I have contacted the researchers in question in the past and they shared 
their model with me gladly. I don't see any reasons they wouldn't do the 
same thing for you. The people I contacted were:

*Jacques Bony from the Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton 
de Vaud, in France. His model is referenced as TRNSYS Type 860 which is 
said to be able to simulate cylindrical, spherical and rectangular PCM 
capsules inside a water storage tank (whether vertical or horizontal). 
This model was compared to experimental results using a vertical tank 
and cylindrical capsules.

*Hermann Schranzhofer from Graz University of Technology in Germany who 
modeled TRNSYS Type 840. This model is for PCM slurry tanks or tanks 
filled with cylindrical, spherical and rectangular PCM capsules. He 
performed experimental validation of the model for use as a slurry tank 
as well as for a vertical tank with spherical and cylindrical capsules.

In both cases, no tests where made for horizontal tanks or rectangular 
PCM capsules. I am currently working on a test bench to evaluate the 
performance of a horizontal storage tank filled with rectangular PCM 
capsules. I hope to compare my experimental results to numerical results 
from these two models as well as from my own PCM tank model.

Good luck!

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On 2014-03-24 12:22, David BRADLEY wrote:
> Heidi,
>   Type804 is not one of the TESS Library components. I would recommend 
> that you try and contact some of the members of the IEA Subtask to see 
> if they can lead you to the Type's author.
> Kind regards,
>  David
> On 3/20/2014 09:51, Heidi El Zanaty wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> According to the IEA Report C5 of Subtask C "Advanced storage 
>> concepts for solar and low energy buildings", they have developed a 
>> model that enables a detailed simulation of water tanks with 
>> integrated PCM modules of different geometries (cylinders, spheres 
>> and plates) or tanks filled with PCM slurry. They called it Type 840. 
>> I can't find it within the TESS libraries.
>> Any idea how can I get it?
>> -- 
>> Best Regards
>> Heidi El Zanaty
>> Graduate Student at the American University in Cairo
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