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   If you would be so kind as to send me your user id number, I will 
send you the Type716 documentation in a separate email. Please send the 
user id number directly and do not reply to the entire list! The number 
can be found by opening your user17.id file using a test editor. The 
number should have the form 17-Xyyyy where X is a letter and yyyy is a 
four-digit number. Please also send the project (*.tpf file) that 
results in effectivenesses greater than 1 so I can have a look at that 
as well.
Kind regards,

On 3/17/2014 17:24, Amel Rjibi wrote:
> Dear Trnsys_users,
> I am simulating a rotary desiccant dehumidifier (wheel) using Trnsys 17 and I chose type 716 of the Tess HVAC Library but I can't find the corresponding documentation of this type (no mathematical reference) .Also, I want to change parameters such as(The process air inlet temperature at design conditions.The regeneration air inlet temperature at design conditions,The process air outlet temperature at design conditions,The process air inlet humidity ratio at design conditions.etc..)  but by calculating?1 and?2 effectiveness(for the news parameters values) .I find?2exceeds 1 is what is illogical.
> Can someone help me please.
> Thank you in advance for any advice.
> Best regards
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