[TRNSYS-users] question related to predictive control

Georgios Kyriakarakos gk at aua.gr
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Dear Carol,

I have implemented predictive control in TRNSYS based on Grey theory. You can find the paper which describes this in the address below:
What we usually do is initially implement control algorithms in Matlab and optimize them there and when they are finalized we write the code in Fortran and add it to TRNSYS. Matlab calling is indeed very slow in comparison with a fortran added routine in TRNSYS. This time delay is increased considerably when using external optimization programs like GenOpt where a big number of simulations (~2000) have to take place.

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> Hi TRNSYS user,
> I wonder if anyone has ever simulated a predictive control in TRNSYS 
> because  I want to take into account future information in making the 
> control decision for loading and unloading  seasonal storage, such as 
> weather forecast and load profile  and I do not know which is the best 
> choice to simulate it, using Matlab or if is there another way to 
> simulate it? From previous experiences when I have used the type 
> calling Matlab the simulations have become really slow. What is your advice?
> Thank you in advance,
> Best regards,
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