[TRNSYS-users] Data absorption chiller

Igor Seso igorseso at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 17:02:20 PDT 2014


Probably this issue was previously discussed but I can't manage finding correct information....

 I'm using Type 107 - Hot water fired single effect absorption chiller, but the given data in the external file - the generator inlet hot water temperatures are in the range of 108.89-116.1 C. My idea is to simulate with temp. lower that those but as I understand this model-type can not do extrapolation of the data i.e. it would be wrong if I use lower temp. than 108.89C in the simulation(the same is for the chilled water if I want temp. above 10 C)

I tried to contact some manufacturers but till now no feedback - so does any one has interpolated more information regarding lower generator hot water . and higher chilled water temperatures?

I tried in the TESS library but there is no hot water fired absorption only steam and direct fired.

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