[TRNSYS-users] Ground heat transfer calculation

Antoine Gautier antoine.gautier at solamen.fr
Thu Jul 31 06:19:47 PDT 2014



I recently performed a comparison between a simplified approach (as
specified in ISO 13370 annex D) and a detailed one (as implemented in Type49
from Trnsys standard library, simulation over 3 years) for ground heat
transfer calculation.

The case study is a 2 storeys office building, floor area nearing 1500 m2,
slab on grade with 2 m horizontal peripheral insulation (R=1.7 m2.K/W). 

I get the results shown in attachment:

*          TAirInocc.pdf: air temperature during the first week-ends of the
year (numbered from 7 to 18, building unoccupied, HVAC systems off) for the
ground floor thermal zones (numbered 2, 3, 6 and 8): discrepancy around 2°C
between the simplified calculation ('0Ref') and the detailed one ('1Sol').

*          PuisMoy0.pdf: mean heating power during a typical day of the week
(negative as a convention) for the two water loops heating the ground floor
premises: discrepancy between 20% and 50%, the main impact being observed
during morning restart.

*          Another comparison has been performed with continuous insulation
under the slab (R=1.7 m2.K/W) and leads to similar discrepancies.

Has anyone amid you ever noticed such a gap between these two kinds of
calculation. Or perhaps somebody has further information regarding the
qualification of the simplified approach presented in the international
standard ISO 13370 or the detailed one implemented in Type49?


Thanks a lot for any insight regarding this issue.



Antoine Gautier


+33 6 58 24 02 60

antoine.gautier at solamen.fr


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