[TRNSYS-users] feedwater heater question

1112102005 at ncepu.edu.cn 1112102005 at ncepu.edu.cn
Tue Jul 29 06:23:28 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I would like to conduct a power plant simulation. The feedwater heater is coupled with drain cooler. Take the middle one FWH2 as an example: the feedwater from FWH3 was pumped into FWH2 and being heated by extraction steam from the steam turbine, afterwards, the hot feedwater will flow into FWH1. Besides, the drain water from FWH1 will flow into FWH2 to heat the feedwater, and finally, the drain water will have to go on heat FWH3. Could anyone tell me how to set the parameters ? I tried to connect the FWH2 with five lines: steam inlet and outlet, feedwater inlet and outlet, and drain water inlet but failed.

As shown below, what does item 9 and 10 mean? And what does pinch point 1-3 means?

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