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Dentel, Arno Arno.Dentel at th-nuernberg.de
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David and Marcello,


thank you for the help. Perfect!

I solved it with compiling the MyType.dll in the mode of the TRNlib.dll of the target computer; both in release mode.


Best regards,




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  There are two possible causes. The simpler one to fix is that if your TRNDll and your MyType are compiled in debug mode and are then moved to a target computer that does not have the Fortran compiler installed chances are that MyType.dll will return error 105. Make sure that both TRNDll and MyType.dll are both compiled in release mode on the target computer. You can look at the early messages in the *.log and *.lst files; one of them will tell you whether TRNDll is in release or debug mode.
  The second possibility is that there is a mismatch in the compiler settings between the TRNDll project and the MyType project. Making sure that the settings are the same between projects is very painful as there is no easy way of making a comparison. You simply have to go through all the settings (and there are a lot of them) and make sure that they are identical.
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On 7/14/2014 08:59, Dentel, Arno wrote:

Dear all,


concerning compiling a user written type I am helpless:

.         I built a drop in dll of the type, put it to the release and debug folder and everything works fine

.         when we use the drop in dll on another computer (same Trnsys version, same OS), Trnsys stops with an error:

o    TRNSYS message 105: A Type was called in the TRNSYS input file but was either not linked into trndll.dll or was not found in an external dll.

o   The List file also says that "MyType.dll" was found but did not contain any components from the input file.


Has anyone experienced similar problems?



Best regards,
Arno Dentel


PS: Compiler: Parallel Studio XE 2011 with VS2010, compiler settings from MyType-workspace

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