[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS3D with Sketchup 8 does not recognise surfaces except first rectangle placed

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Do you happen to have any other building simulation tools installed with SketchUp (i.e. IESVE, OpenStudio, etc.)? I remember something similar happening when a user had IES-VE installed in SketchUp. Unfortunately, the user had to uninstall IESVE from the control panel in order for TRNSYS3D to work; they couldn't just turn it off in the 'Preferences' --> 'Extensions' menu in SketchUp like you do with OpenStudio. 

Good luck!

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Hi users,

I'm following the tutorial for TRNSYS3D that comes with the package, however once I pull the rectangle up, the side walls and roof do not change colour, staying white, and manually selecting them and changing their type only changes the floor rectangle colour. If I try and add windows they aren't recognised as being windows. If I try and add more rectangles while staying inside the TRNSYS3D zone, the rectangles do not appear as TRNSYS3D objects at all: the info window reads 'No EnergyPlus object selected'.

Does anyone know what's going on? I think this is the same issue that Paul O'Sullivan posted to this list in 2012 with no replies: 

Thanks for any replies,

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