[TRNSYS-users] Fwd: Thermostat is not working properly

Abhay Pratap Singh engg.abhaypratap at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 20:47:44 PST 2014

Hi Trnsys users,
I had attached a Simple thermostat to a building and my puprpose is to
controls the signal of fan coil unit. I am taking 23.5 deg C as a
setpoint and deadband of 1 deg C. In the start of the simulation it
works properly but in between of simulation it is not working.
I am attaching an excel file of results which shows room air
temperature and fan coil unit signal. So, please help me out.

Thanks for any help in this regard.

With regards,
Abhay Pratap Singh
MNIT, Jaipur
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