[TRNSYS-users] Can I transfer a TRNSYS 17 project to a 16 version one?

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
Thu Jan 23 08:35:04 PST 2014

   There is no simple method for doing this. If you want to try, you 
will need to write the Trnsys17 input file from the Trnsys17 Studio then 
make manual edits to the *.dck using a text editor such as TRNEdit or 
even Notepad, then try to import the modified *.dck into the Trnsys16 
Studio. I would not recommend trying this unless you are quite familiar 
with *.dck syntax. It is hard to offer advice on what you would need to 
modify in the *.dck without knowing more about what components are used 
in the simulation.
Kind regards,

On 1/23/2014 01:39, ??? wrote:
> Dear everyone,
> Is it possible to transfer a project built in Trnsys 17 to be a Trnsys 
> 16 one and operate in TRNSYS 16?
>  If yes ,then how to do that?
> Thank you in advance!
> Bests,
> Wendy
> Civil and Architectural Engineering
> City University of Hong Kong
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