[TRNSYS-users] Error in using the Equation tab

C K Lee a8304506 at graduate.hku.hk
Wed Jan 22 18:41:33 PST 2014

Hello, everyone.

When I try to run a simulation, a receive the following error:

*** Fatal Error at time   :         0.000000
     Generated by Unit     : Not applicable or not available
     Generated by Type     : Not applicable or not available
     TRNSYS Message    405 : Illegal EQUATION formulation; the listed 
equation is missing an operand between the close of the parentheses and 
the numerical value
     Reported information  : Not available

As there is no information about which equation causes the error, I have 
difficulty to trace the problem.  Do anyone know if there is method to 
find the error source?  Thank you!

Best Regards
C. K. Lee
City University of Hong Kong

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