[TRNSYS-users] Ground Temperature Variation with Depth using Soil Model in TRNSYS 17

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Dr Chel,
   There are a number of different models available. If you need to know 
the variation of undisturbed ground temperature as a function of depth 
and time of year then you can use Type77 in the standard TRNSYS library 
(Physical Phenomena: Simple Ground Temperature)

   If you are working on a geothermal bore-field application then the 
components in the TESS GHP library may be of more interest (buried 
horizontal pipes, and both horizontal and vertical ground heat 
exchangers. The GHP library includes an example in the ..\Trnsys17\Tess 
Models\Examples\GHP Library\ directory.

   If you are looking for finite difference models of ground temperature 
as it is affected by depth, time of year, and energy flows coming from 
buildings and other objects then you can either look at the 
slab-on-grade model that is in the standard package (Loads and 
Structures: Slab on Grade: Type49). An example of its use is located in 
..\Examples\Slab on Grade\. If you are using the more flexible Type1267 
ground coupling model then it too has an example located in the 
..\Trnsys17\Tess Models\Examples\Individual Components\ directory. This 
component is separate from the TESS Libraries.
Kind regards,

On 1/13/2014 09:39, DrArvind Chel wrote:
> *Sub:* Ground Temperature Variation with Depth using Soil Model TRNSYS 17
> *Ref:* Installed License copy of TRNSYS 17 with TESS Library
> R/Sir,
> I am looking to get example for soil model through TESS library
> to study effect of ground temperature variation underground soil.
> Please send me example filed if any developed.
> I am beginner for TRNSYS 17. Installed TESS library by my seniors.
> Kindly guide
> -- 
> My Best Regards,
> *Arvind L. Chel*
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