[TRNSYS-users] Problem convergence with ees, type 56 and a controller

COSNIER Matthieu Matthieu.COSNIER at cstb.fr
Thu Nov 28 06:51:17 PST 2013

Dear TRNSYS users,
I need help about problem of convergence in coupling an EES model, Type 56 and a controller. I apologize for that long mail.

I'm trying to simulate a kind of active wall (partition between two rooms) in order to heat one of the room of a building.
This active wall has been modeled with EES software.
Here is a scheme of it:
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CEEC51.AC188FC0]
This model has been coupled with Type 56 through type 66 as it is shown below:
 [cid:image007.jpg at 01CEEC51.AC188FC0]
Initially, the electric power supplied to the active wall was supposed to be constant and the simulation run very well !!! The coupling method is good.
Then, I tried to add a controller on electric power (iterative feedback controller Type 22 or PID controller Type 23), in order to heat the room1 at a given setpoint temperature, as shown below.
[cid:image008.jpg at 01CEEC51.AC188FC0]
Unfortunately, an error message appears (at the first timestep in the case of Type 22, after 10 timesteps in case of Type 23):
"TRNSYS Message    129 : The referenced Unit has tried to set an Output value higher than the number of Outputs that the Type reserved for itself."

To be precise, the parameter "number of outputs" in type 66, is in accordance with the number of outputs given  by the EES model.

Could somebody help me? Is it a problem of convergence? Is there another way to simulate this ? How to debug it?

Best regards.
Matthieu COSNIER

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