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   TRNOPT creates a template of the TRNSYS input file replacing certain 
parts of the input file with special characters. When GenOpt chooses a 
new set of values to try, TRNOPT replaces those special characters with 
the new values. This is a bit of an oversimplification of course.

   The error that you are getting is a bit odd; the VERSION keyword 
occurs right at the very beginning of the TRNSYS input file and 
indicates which version of TRNSYS the dck was intended for. If you have 
a variable named "version" in your input file that might cause the 
problem since there might be confusion between the variable name and the 

On 11/26/2013 02:22, Carlo Filippo Bonacina wrote:
> Dear all,
> is it possible to use Trnsys17 with Genopt?
> During the simulation this fatal error appears:
> "Fatal Error at time   :         0.000000
>     Generated by Unit     : Not applicable or not available
>     Generated by Type     : Not applicable or not available
>     TRNSYS Message     48 : The TRNSYS processor has reported that an 
> unrecognized control card was found while trying to read the input 
> file.  This error can be caused by underspecifying a required number 
> of items in the input file.  For example, specifiying only 9 
> parameters after a "PARAMETERS 10" card has been read can cause this 
> error. The line that caused this error is listed in the reported 
> information below.
>     Reported information  : VERSION"
> Why?
> Otherwise is there an other software for parametric simulations?
> How does TRNOPT work?
> Thanks a lot.
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