[TRNSYS-users] Radiant floor with Trnsys 3D

Rémi Marconot rem.marconot at neuf.fr
Tue Nov 12 05:18:27 PST 2013

Hello Trnsys users,


By using Trnsys 3D with Google Sketchup, I would like to simulate a 3 radiant floors system for a 800m² room. That is why I have created with Google Sketchup, 3 adjacent zones which make the entire floor in order to have 3 different active layers in TrnBuild. However when I am running the simulation, an error says that  "adjacent wall not found".

How can I solve this problem or is there another solution to create several active layers in a same surface to divide my radiant floor ?

Thank you for any kind of help in advance.

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