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   There are a number of ways that you can handle this; the most 
appropriate one depends a bit on how you are modeling the chiller. If 
you are modeling an idealized chiller using a cooling type inside 
Type56/TRNBuild then you can schedule the COOLING Type's capacity using 
a schedule defined inside TRNBuild. If you are using an external chiller 
model such as the air or water cooled chiller from the TESS Libraries 
then you can use Type14 to define a forcing function that has a value of 
1 between 7am and 4pm and a value of 0 at other times. The output of the 
forcing function can then be used for your chiller control signal. I 
would caution you on running your chiller based only on the time of day. 
Typically chillers are run as needed in order to maintain a loop 
temperature (in other words based on a thermostat). If your chiller 
operates on both a thermostat and on a timer then you can combine two 
output signals by multiplying one by the other in an equation.

   It is also highly recommended that you follow through the tutorial in 
the Getting Started manual so that you get an understanding of the basic 
process of putting together a TRNSYS simulation.
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On 11/10/2013 23:55, Abhay Pratap Singh wrote:
> hello users.
> i m a new users of trnsys. i m modelling type 56 building and do not 
> know to give the schedule for chiller. my chiller is ON at 7 A.M. and 
> OFF at 4 P.M. and it repeats every day. i hope you will help me out 
> from this.
> thanks for any help.
> With regards,
> Abhay Pratap Singh
> MNIT, Jaipur
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