[TRNSYS-users] Some information about window properties..

Arnaud Candaele arnaud.candaele at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 06:46:24 PST 2013

Hi everyone,

I have some questions about the information we can find in the "WinID-Pool"
tab. I don't need to go much in details, but just to have some basic
I want to compare a TRNSYS vs a CFD model of a building, and I'd like to
use the same properties for my windows in both models. In my CFD
calculation, my windows will be a simple 2D surface, for which I'll define
absorptivity, transmissivity for visible and IR.

So, I chose a window in TRNSYS, and I see the summary in the "WinID-Pool"
tab. I see that "T-vis" is the visible transmittance, while "T-sol" is the
solar transmittance.

   1. Are these values for the whole window ? (ie glass+gas+glass)
   (U-value, g-value, etc..) ?
   2. Is the spectral fraction of visible and IR taken as 0.5 in TRNSYS ?
   i.e. can I conclude from these values that IR transmittance would be (Tsol
   - Tvis)/0.5 ?
   3. What does "Rf-sol" stands for ?
   4. I'll also have to define values for diffuse radiation, is it
   equivalent to the value in the "Hemis" column that we can see in the
   "WinID-type" box ?

Thank you,

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