[TRNSYS-users] Cost Functions for Collector Types - Anyone?

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NREL's SAM uses the default of $220/m2 for flat plate. The developers of the program try to maintain reasonable default values; however, I could not find any reference in their documentation.



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Hey All,

I am doing techno-economic analysis for solar based absorption cycle and now am looking for the following types of collectors:
1. Flat plate collector
2. Fresnel collector
3. Evacuated tube collector

I found the following values in Florides et.al. (2001), can anyone comment on the accuracy as of today?
1. Flat plate :  188 $/m2
2. Evacuated tube : 307 $/m2

I seriously doubt these cost functions as they're pretty old (i,e >12years).

Any suggestions?


Dev Sharma
Erasmus Mundus Masters in Sustainable Energy KTH, Stockholm & UPC, Barcelona
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