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Currie, Sam R scurrie at purdue.edu
Tue May 14 10:26:38 PDT 2013

Making sure I understand what you are trying to model: you would like to control the artificial lighting inside of the zone based on the magnitude of illuminance that is incident for a given orientation?

You may want to try a Type2b differential controller if you are wanting simple off/on control. The controller is intended for temperatures but it can be configured to monitor other quantities as well. With this you can define the upper/lower deadbands to set a threshold for control of your lights by monitoring the illuminance with the “higher” input and setting the “lower” to a constant. In TRNBUILD set the “scale” of the artificial lighting to input and attach the control signal from the Type2b to your Type56 in Simulation Studio.

One comment about the Type15; I believe that the illuminance from this component will be the light that is incident on the horizontal and not necessarily on your surface (for TMY files at least). You may have to add a calculation for the illuminance on a vertical surface.

Hope this helps. I should note that I haven’t used TRNSYS for this particular application but this seems like a good starting point. Good luck!

Sam Currie
Purdue University

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Hi TRNSYS users,

Does anyone can tell me how to integrate a simple automated management of artificial lighting in TRNBUILD, based on the parameter "illuminance" in the weather type 15 of TRNSYS ? I have not seen a clear answer about it on the forum.

Thank you in advance.

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