[TRNSYS-users] Unknown unit number + negative flow rate errors

Jhumoor Biswas jhumoorb at yahoo.com
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I am new to TRNSYS. I am trying to design a 3 storey building. Each of the flooors are divided into a zone. Using the building wizard one zone was compeleted. The other two zones are being added in TRNSBUILD. There is no problem on that issue. However when TRNSYS simulations take place it seems that the solver is not considering the added zones. Do some modificatios have to take place to couple the zones in TRNSYS?
Thanks a lot

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Hey Damien,
Click on the “Lst file…” tab, you can see it from the screenshot you took. This will open your lst file and when you scroll to the bottom of it you will get more information about the type of errors you are getting.
(Note that to access this file directly, go to the same directory as your trnsys file and it’s the text file in the same name)
Hope this helps,
Bon wkd,
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