[TRNSYS-users] unkown error by simple plotting type556

mcdowell at tess-inc.com mcdowell at tess-inc.com
Tue Mar 19 10:03:53 PDT 2013


Florian - 

Glancing through the lst file for your simulation I
notice two things. 

All of your release and debug dlls are stored in
the same directory. Release dlls should be in the UserlibReleaseDlls
folder and debug dlls in the Userlib/DebugDlls folder. 

You are using a
very old and no longer supported version of TRNSYS and the TESS libs. It
looks like the error you have in your simulation was fixed in 2005. I
strongly suggest that you upgrade to the latest version of TRNSYS and
the TESS libs. 



Timothy P. McDowell
Executive Vice
Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC
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On 2013-03-19 11:09, Florian Weiß

> Hello again, 
> i've added a simulation-file to see, how
type 556 works. but by the try of plotting type556 with an
onlineprinter-type, there accrued an unkown error, which lets to an
abort of the simulation. 
> What's wrong? Anyone an idea? 
> Thank
you in advance. 
> Florian
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