[TRNSYS-users] Searching detailed Informations about specific types (31b, 556, 255)

Florian Weiß florianpaulalbertweiss at gmx.de
Tue Mar 19 08:49:32 PDT 2013

Hello again,

At the moment i would like to unterstand the mechanics of two officials types für buried horizontal pipes for using geothermal energy for an absorption-heat-pump. The types are 31b and 556.

Of course there are some Informations in the Input, Parameters and outputs. i mean 2-3 sentence about the meaning. In addition i found in the proforma of each type, the link for the source code. but outreading thermodynamic mechanics from fortran codes seems for me a bit complicated. On the other side there are the manuels for TRNSYS and TESS Library, but i didn't found explanations about the Type 31b. For the type 556 there is this Master Thesis from Giardiana, but aren't there some shorter informations about the physical proceed in the programmed type? Something like energy balances. To work with TRNSYS in Simulation Studio it would be better, if there existing more informations. Sometimes its in direction of "Let me guess" - I'm sorry.

Anyone some informations about Type 255, which is used by Klaus Ramming, 2007 in his disseration. The advantage of this type is the ability to take weather-datas as an input.

Anyone an idea? 

Thank you in advance.

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