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> Jihad,
>   CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD Software packages are highly complex and seek to determine air flows by breaking up air volumes into millions and millions of finite elements; each finite element's momentum is described by the Navier Stokes equations. While TRNSYS can connect with Fluent (one particular CFD tool), it does not have a CFD package built in. Cosimulation between TRNSYS and a CFD is a very rarely used technique and is almost never used in building simulation because of the enormous time needed to solve the flow problem. 
> I think it would be wise to find a TRNSYS expert who can assist you in defining the problem that you want to simulate and to determine whether you really need to know the speed of air flowing through your building. If interzonal air flows are needed at all then simplified approaches are used (TRNFlow, CONTAM, etc.). I want to stress, however, that even these simplified techniques are quite complicated to implement, are not for TRNSYS beginners and more often than not, are unnecessary except for complex spaces such as atria and for natural ventilation studies. 
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>>  thanks but when i can find the  CFD softwares on my instalation. 
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