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Thanks David. I’ll try to do these checks and I’ll show you the results.




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  It is not usual to get this warning a few times during a simulation,
particularly at sunup or sundown times and particularly if you are using the
simplified algorithms that are needed when only the total horizontal
radiation is known. If you are getting the warning a lot then it is worth
looking into. One thing to make sure is that you have specified the Type16
simulation start day parameter correctly. If your simulation starts at hour
7393, the value of that parameter should be 308. Also make sure that your
"shift" parameter is et correctly. This value is the difference in longitude
between the longitude of the location where your weather data comes from and
the standard longitude for that time zone. The third thing to check is the
output of Type9. Send the outputs of Type9 to a Type65 online plotter and
make sure that it is giving you the data you think it should. There are a
lot of type9 parameters that allow you to set how the data is stored,
whether it is average or instantaneous, etc. Make sure that you are not
interpolating the radiation data that you are reading. If none of these
checks help then please feel free to send the input file and weather file.

On 3/6/2013 03:58, Riccardo wrote:


I have a problem with Type 16a: the total radiation on a vertical slope
facing south (45°) is very high, over the solar constant altought the total
radiation on horizontal is not so high.

I only have total horizontal radiation and I’m using Type 9e for the input
from wheater data file.

My simulation time is 7393-7561 (week 5-11 november 2012)

The error in the .log file is:


*** Warning at time       :      7406.900000

    Generated by Unit     :     2

    Generated by Type     :    16

    TRNSYS Message    437 : The total radiation calculated for one of the
surfaces has exceeded the solar constant. The component solar quantities
(beam and diffuse) have been adjusted such that the sum is equal to the
solar constant

    Reported information  : Sloped Surface Radiation Error


Thanks in advance,


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