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Dear Atta Ullah Sanai,

Thank you for contacting TESS Technical Support and providing your 
institutional information. Type107 only takes a specific set of 
performance data. There are a few different TESS Chiller models in the 
TESS Cogeneration and TESS HVAC Libraries as well that might fit the 
particular performance data of that model. Also, no source code 
compiling is necessary for the external performance data of these 
components. Also, I highly recommend that you read through the thread 
"Type 666 Chiller Queries" on the following page for excellent insight 
about the chiller models.

Best regards,

Matt Duffy

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On 3/21/2013 8:19 AM, Atta Ullah Sanai wrote:
> Dear Sir,
>             We are working on a project to simulate a solar powered 
> vapour absorption cooling system using TRNSYS 17. We are using type 
> 107 for single effect absorption chiller and are having problems in 
> creating an external file.
>             Our problem is that we are confused how to generate an 
> external file as per our input values and requirements. We are working 
> with a Thermax LT-6 200 kW absorption chiller. Do we need to compile 
> the source code file to generate the external file.
>             Moreover, how can we find the input values required as 
> they are not given by most manufacturers.
> Kindly help with this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.
> Regards,
> Atta Ullah Sanai
> Senior Year
> GIK Institute

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