[TRNSYS-users] trnsys 3d in sketchup 8

d s findstuff234 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 12:44:33 PDT 2013


I'm a new user of trnsys. There are several errors when I was using trnsys 3d in sketchup and trying to import the file into simulation studio.

TRN3d seems to work well when I create a file for the first time, somehow when I close the file and open it the second time, I can't add new zones in it and can't modify the old ones neither. The new one is in black and white instead of the yellow color, which I think is not considered as a TRNSYS zone; and for the former built zones, I can't draw windows on it and some walls and windows has no TRNSYS object information.
Sometime when I open it again, the file copies some parts of the building itself....

Also, when I try to import 3d model into simulation studio, errors pop up that says"adjacent wall not found" or "adjacent window not found" or "undefined window/wall adjacent", and "cannot open BUI file for building description by this component (given in external files tab), please open a bui file or cancel (to attach the file later)".

Is there anyone that can help me with those problems?

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