[TRNSYS-users] Solar wood dryer

Amani ZRIBA zriba-amani at live.fr
Mon Jun 10 04:40:57 PDT 2013

Dear Madam / Sir,
I work on a project of a conception of a solar wood dryer and i have a problem with the control of the temperature. My aim is to maintain the cold-side outlet temperature of a heat exchanger water/air at a constant value. It is connected to a stratified storage water tank that the profile of the temperature of its top is variable due to the fluctuation of the solar radiation.
I have thought that the control of the water outlet flow of the tank could solve the problem, but i didn't find the appropriate components to simulate this test.
Can you help me to continue my work? 
Thank you for your kindness.
Yours sincerly. 		 	   		  
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