[TRNSYS-users] convergence problem

Karol Bandurski karol.bandurski at put.poznan.pl
Thu Dec 22 23:45:25 PST 2011



I have modeled natural ventilated house using Contam and type 56.


One of inputs of type 97 (CONATM) is  'Adjustable opening: ZoneA/<1>->ambt/

I control this value depending on the ZoneA temperature:


'Adjustable opening: ZoneA/<1>->ambt/ <path16>'=1 for T_ZoneA>24 C


using Equation (gt(T_A,24)).


But I get error that maximum number of warnings: 'The inputs to the listed
units have not converged at this timestep. The values at the last iteration
will be used and the simulation will proceed' allowed per simulation has
been exceeded.


I have tried to use type93 between type 97 and Equation with 1 or 100
timestep stored, but error still appear.


Parameters of simulation (I wouldn't like to change it, especially

Timestep=0.1 h

Tolerance convergence=0.001

Before 'WARNNING': 30

Before 'ERROR': 30


Could you help me?


Christmas Regards!



Karol Bandurski MSc.

 <http://www.ee.put.poznan.pl/> Institute of Environmental Engineering

Poznan University of Technology

 <http://www.ee.put.poznan.pl/> www.ee.put.poznan.pl

 <http://www.put.poznan.pl/> www.put.poznan.pl


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