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David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
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  It depends a bit on what you have above and below the floor...

1. if you have a floor above the joists but nothing below them (ie there 
is no ceiling in the zone below) then I would ignore the joists and only 
treat the layers of the floor in the model (flooring and subfloor).

2. if the joist cavities are insulated, you can either figure out the 
total floor area that is flooring, subfloor, joist web, ceiling and the 
total floor area that is flooring, subfloor, insulation, ceiling and 
have two different "wall" types. Or you can ratio the two areas and come 
up with an equivalent material. This second option is how those TESS 2x4 
stud walls were created).

3. if you have a floor above and a ceiling below but no insulation be 
careful not to just use the equivalent thinkness of air in the cavity as 
an insulator. The R-value for air that is typically reported is for 
stagnant air and floor cavities are not sealed enough for that air to be 
stagnant. You'll end up with much too high an insulating layer.

Kind regards,

Matt Fung wrote:
> What layers should I use to create a TJI floor or are there already 
> layers created in the library that can be used (ie TESS 2x4 stud 
> wall)?  Thanks.
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