[TRNSYS-users] Buffer storage tank for CSHPSS

Jeff Thornton thornton at tess-inc.com
Tue Mar 17 10:32:22 PDT 2009

<I am working on a project involving the modelling of Central Solar
Heating Plants with Seasonal Storage for District Heating (CSHPSS for DH).
These facilities have a Buffer Storage Tank wich volume amounts to about
500 m3, and the water inside is stratified. What is the best-suited type
for such a Buffer Storage Tank ?>

We used the Type 531 through 534 storage tank models (TESS Storage Tank
Library) when we did our study of the Drake Landing Solar Community in
Calgary (solar seasonal storage with district heating).  We're in the
process now of calibrating the models to the first year of measured data
and the storage tank model is doing an excellent job when compared to the

<Bonus question : is it possible to model a Buffer Storage Tank with 3
inlets, 3 outlets ?>

The 531-4 models allow N inlets and outlets where N can be a number much
bigger than 3!


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