[TRNSYS-users] Simulation of a cooling tower

Sebastian Schlott ses at kbp.de
Thu Mar 5 05:47:41 PST 2009

Hello I´m a very new user of trnsys and I have to fix a problem.
I like to simulate an cooling tower of a welding gun. There is no cooling unit. The hot water flows directly from the gun in the tower. Inlet Outlet of the Water is 27/33°C.
the mass flowrate is 190000 kg/hr.

Now I combine tm2 wetaherdate with type33e. From Type33e I further go over to Type51b.
Type51b get the wetbulb and drybulb temperature from the weather data. From Type51b I went to my Onlineplotter and I like to see how much water loss I have and how much power my Fan needs.

My Problem:
Fanpower which is needed is always constant. That's clear because I don´t have a variable for the fanspeed. But for sure the fan is not always running with 100%. 
Example: when there is a cold outside temperature normaly the fanspeed is reduced.
So how can I make this clear to my simulation.

Next thing: Water loss. This should normaly is linked up with the fan speed.

My simulation. 100 m³/hr waterflow
100 m³/hr airstream

Trnsys show me 3 kg/hr water loss, which seems far to low.

Maybe you can help me.

Best regards

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