[TRNSYS-users] wiring node temperature outputs of type 60 - (TRNSYS16-01-003)

David Chèze david.cheze at clipsol.com
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Thanks for your answer,


I actually wanted to set 20 nodes in the tank and had set correctly  the derivatives : the max number of outputs in the proforma was locked to 13 . Either I have to modify the standard proforma max to 50 as said in the documentation or use equations for the desired output (what i did). 

It looks like a minor error in proforma type60d in the TRNSYS Studio distribution, doesn't it?


Problem is now solved in my application.







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  The node temperatures are the last set of outputs of Type60. In the proforma, make sure that you have answered the question about how many nodes there are both in the "outputs" tab and in the "derivatives" tab.
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David Chèze wrote: 



Is there another way than equations to wire node temperature outputs of type 60 in the studio : these outputs are not visible when wiring the proformas.


Thanks for your help.


David Chèze





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