[TRNSYS-users] Adsorption chiller, Error related to enthalpy

SOTIRIS KONSTANTELOS mc03106delos at yahoo.gr
Tue Feb 10 10:38:47 PST 2009

Dear TRNSYS users,

I'm trying to simulate a solar powered air conditioning system , which uses an adsorption chiller in order to produce chilled water for the fan coils.The problem is that there is no adsorption chiller-component in the simulation studio. So does anyone know how is it possible, if it's possible, to simulate the adsorption chiller using instead the absorption chiller component?Is there any other way?

I have one more question.When i'm trying to run the simulation using of course the absorption chiller, error manager stops simulation and warns me about an error located at the fan coil component.The exact message is <<Attempted to take the log of a negative number.-Enthalpy (H) is less than or equal to zero>>.The problem is that i can't find anywhere an enthalpy parameter, except for the psychrometrics component where there is an enthalpy output.Where should i search? I should mention that the connected components maybe related with this problem are these; weather data-->psychrometrics-->building<--fan coil<--chiller etc.

My regards,

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