[TRNSYS-users] problem with building-equipment

knut.erik.enerstvedt at niva.no knut.erik.enerstvedt at niva.no
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Hello Laura,

I have looked at your project, and see that you have connected the air flow
rate (in kg/hr) from the heat pump directly to the building. The air change
input to the building zones must be in (kg/hr air from heat pump)/(kg air
in zone), so that the unit is 1/h. Put an equation between the heat pump
and the building to do this. Although I have not tried to do these changes
to your project, I think that this must be the error.

Kind regards,
Knut Erik

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Hello,my name is Laura. I have a problem with my thesis.I don't understand
because I get strange results in my simulation.The internal temperature in
building must be 24-26°C, but I get 8-10°C with heat pump. Why? Where is
the error? I send you my file, please help me.
Thank you in advance.
(See attached file: edificioconimpiantodefinitivoestivo.TPF)(See attached
file: Wizard6conimpianto.bui)(See attached file: IT-Brindisi-163200.tm2)

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