[TRNSYS-users] Type 71: Input 5, Incident Diffuse Radiation

Matt Duffy duffy at tess-inc.com
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The "sky diffuse radiation on tilted surface" is the output of Type109
that you connect to the input of "incident diffuse radiation" to Type71. 
Please make sure that the units match.  The ground reflected radiation is
usually minimal unless there is a significant amount of snow  that is
reflecting radiation towards the collector surface.  That is why some of
the general collector component models ignore ground reflectance.  Please
refer to Duffie and Beckman for more detailed information.

Best regards,

Matt Duffy

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From: José Luis Corrales Ciganda
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Subject:[TRNSYS-users] Type 71: Input 5, Incident Diffuse Radiation

Dear TRNSYS Users:

I have a question concerning the use of Type 71 for the simulation of a
Evacuated Tube Collector Field.

There are two inputs to this Type passing the radiation data: the total
incident radiation and the incident diffuse radiation. I´m trying to use
radiation data computed with Type 109.
I have linked the "total radiation on tilted surface" output of Type 109
with the "Incident Radiation" input. But I have doubts concerning the
input 5 of Type 71, "Incident diffuse radiation". I don´t know if I should
link it with the "sky diffuse radiation on tilted surface" output from Typ
109 or with the "ground reflected diffused radiation on tilted surface". I
tried to find out how the type 71 uses this input, but i didn´t find it.
Why is this "incident diffuse radiation" necesary? It is the total
incident diffuse radiation on the tilted surface? Or only the sky diffuse
or the ground reflected radiation?

Maybe I am a litlle bit confused with the terms used.

I will appreciate any answer from, thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

José L.


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