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Bader Daniel Daniel.Bader at GN-Bauphysik.com
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Dear TRNSYS-Users,


I have the following Problem and don't know if it's possible to simulate with TRNSYS 16/TRNFlow:


A big (very big) coal storage should be built. 

The storage is round and has a base of 12,500 m². 

The clearance amounts 30 m, so the storage has a volume of 375,000 m³. 

The coal it is stored in the lower area. 

Because of oxidation the coal issues heat - oxidation-heat (? - don't know the right word) .

To avoid a spontaneous inflammation the coal is sprayed with water at temperatures above 60-80°C.

The coal is already stored with 10-12% of moisture content. 


In the upper area of the outer wall (almost over the stored coal- under the roof) additional air-vents are planned. 

In the middle of the roof a opening is planned for the outgoing air. 

The hall should be ventilated naturally (without mechanical ventilation). 


Here the following question arose: 


Are the additional air-vents big enough to avoid construction damages and forming of condensate? 

Provided to know the oxidation-heat and how much water is imported, is such a simulation with TRNSYS/TRNFLOW generally possible? 


Because the huge dimension of the coal-storage I think it should be divided into three vertical zones:

Maybe the lower zone with the coal, a middle zone with the additional air-vents and an upper zone with the exhaust air opening ... 


Because the dimensions are extremely big, nevertheless, I ask myself whether TRNSYS is suitable for this? 

Also the moisture model will be very difficult to describe because in contrast to the volume only small moisture capacity is available (the roof is from trapezoid metal and the outer walls are from concrete).


I hope someone has experiences in here.


Thanks for your helb.


With kind regards


Daniel Bader


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