[TRNSYS-users] iterations/trace limit

Wouter Lumen wouter.lumen at ugent.be
Mon Aug 4 06:12:12 PDT 2008

Dear trnsysusers,

When i run my simulation, i get a non-convergence error.

I have set "trace" to 1000 iterations but when i check the deck-file, i notice
that it  stops  after 32 iterations.
Shouldn't it go to 1000 before it stops?

The convergence is set very low: 0.00000001, absolute.
When i set it higher; f.e. 0.01 relative; the simulation runs without  
error 441
but the results not close enough to where they should be.

Does anybody know why it doesn't want to go further than 32 iterations?

Thank you,

Wouter Lumen

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