[TRNSYS-users] how to link real internal gains/profiles with type 56?

Eleni Ampatzi ampatzie at Cardiff.ac.uk
Mon Oct 29 13:03:36 PDT 2007

Dear users,

I am using electrical profiles to simulate the internal gains of my buildings. These are given in
spreadsheets (5 min intervals and the unit is Watts). I use type 62 to call the excel and have the
files read by TRNSYS (I convert the data to kJ/hr).  I get a correct result when I link this with a
plotter (as in the example). I have also assigned an INPUT for the zones' internal gains in type 56.
My problem is how to connect these two in the simulation studio (the results of type 62 are
dimensionless). In addition, I have 6 typical days of the year (6 daily profiles) which will fully
represent a whole year. Can anyone suggest a way to call the right profile in each repetition of
macros in excel? (or maybe another way to do that?).

I am a beginner and I am struggling with these problems, so any help would be appreciated... Thank
you in advance :)

Best regards

Eleni Ampatzi
WSA, Cardiff University

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