[TRNSYS-users] Raising flags

Stefan de Kool S.deKool at chri.nl
Thu Oct 25 00:42:55 PDT 2007

Dear Karl,

Thanks for the idea. The problem is though that as soon as Tin gets less
than Tset again, it 'looses' its value. What i want is to keep it at Tset
untill another condition is met, but not when Tin<Tset. In fact i want to
include some form of hysteresis in a control loop. 

(PS: you can use GE instead of combining GT and EQL)

Kind regards




Van: Karl Vonderputten [mailto:karl at chromagen.com.au] 
Verzonden: woensdag 24 oktober 2007 23:27
Aan: Stefan de Kool
Onderwerp: RE: [TRNSYS-users] Raising flags


Hello Mr De kool


You could try the following to raise a flag


Eqns 3

Tset  = 60  ! Tset whatever set point

Tin = [9,6] ! Whatever output from whatever control card

Tout = Tset*GT(Tin, Tset)+ Tset*EQL(Tin, Tset) + Tin * LT( Tin, Tset) 


I included the expression in the middle because I was not sure what the
equation would do if the 

Value Tin was ever exactly equal to Tset. It may not be necessary


Please let me know if this was helpful

(I may like to use it later myself)




Karl Von Der Putten




From: Stefan de Kool [mailto:S.deKool at chri.nl] 
Sent: Thursday, 25 October 2007 1:03 AM
To: trnsys-users at engr.wisc.edu
Subject: [TRNSYS-users] Raising flags


Dear all,


Does anyone know if there is a way to 'raise flags' in trnsys? I want to
give a certain variable a value at the moment a certain temperature is
reached and to keep that variable at that value regardless of further
temperature changes.



Stefan de Kool


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