[TRNSYS-users] Thermal Energy Storage readily available components ?

Eleni Ampatzi ampatzie at Cardiff.ac.uk
Fri Oct 19 08:36:53 PDT 2007

Dear All,

I am interested in existing Thermal Energy Storage components which have been created for use in
TRNSYS models. I am not asking about the types which are included in the Standard Components'
Library (types 60, 38, 39, 10 and 4) but on any other which can become available to me. I am aware
of a few like the types 840, 140, 240 and 241 (information on these is also welcomed). Therefore I
would be interested in any information regarding such components (from daily to seasonal storage,
sensible and latent TES) and I am interested in particular to know about the availability (do I need
to contact the author, are they broadly available through the TRNSYS website?) and validation

I am an architect and my research involves an investigation on the use of various TES systems in
solar thermal projects for buildings in the UK (all the systems and the building classes are
modelled in TRNSYS). Due to the focus of my work (the potential solar fractions and the building
related aspects) and my educational background,  I can only use existing components for my models.
Thank you all in advance

Best Regards

Eleni Ampatzi
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University

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