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Dear Dr. Kumar,
   The easiest method is to create a parametric table in TRNEdit; 
this allows you to automatically run a simulation multiple times, 
each with a different combination of parameters. The basic 
instructions can be found at the beginning of the 07-TRNEdit manual. 
In order to change locations, what you will have to do is create a 
block of ASSIGN statements in your input file as follows:

ASSIGN  "c:\Program Files\Trnsys16\Weather\Location1.txt"  12
ASSIGN  "c:\Program Files\Trnsys16\Weather\Location2.txt"  13
ASSIGN  "c:\Program Files\Trnsys16\Weather\Location3.txt"  14

in which the files location1.txt, location2.txt and location3.txt are 
the names of the weather file associated with each location. Next, 
set the "logical unit" parameter of the weather reading component 
(Type15 or Type109 usually) to a variable called "LU" and create a 
CONSTANTs block that says:

LU = 12

you will then be able to assign a different weather file to each run 
of your parametric table.
Kind regards,

At 23:50 10/2/2007, Dr. Ashvini Kumar wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>I want to repeat the simulation of a typical solar water heating 
>system for a range of values of 'tilts and setpoint temperatures for 
>thermostat'.  The calculations are to be made for a number of 
>locations.  Could I be advised on this?
>With thanks,
>Dr. Ashvini Kumar,
>Ministry of New and Renewable Energy,
>Block 14, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, NEW DELHI - 110003, India
>Tel: 011-24363546, 24360707Ext.1906 (O), 011-26887508 (R)
>ashvini_sec at yahoo.com
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