[TRNSYS-users] setStorageVars(STORED,NITEMS,INFO) in C++

David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
Wed Oct 3 20:34:01 PDT 2007

   I am not a C++ expert by any means but I thought that the 
setStorageSize(), setStorageVars(), and getStorageVars() were already 
in the TRNSYS.h file for use by C++ components. So as not to fill up 
everyone's InBox, I will send you a copy of the TRNSYS.h that I have 
(I think it is actually an older distribution version, but it might 
be more recent than the one you have). The only other thing that I 
might mention is that you have to call the setStorageSize() routine 
in order to reserve the amount of storage space you want before 
calling either setStorageVars() or getStorageVars().
I hope that helps,

At 13:59 10/1/2007, jan lietaer wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>Does anyone has ever used the  setStorageVars(STORED,NITEMS,INFO) 
>function in a working type?
>It is not recognized, should I add it my self in the trnsys.h? (how?)
>Does anyone has a working c++ model that uses the setStorageVars function???
>Ps I don't get along with c++, who 's to blame ;-))
>Met vriendelijke groeten/  Best regards
>Jan Lietaer
>Lietaer Studieburo
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>8930 Lauwe (Menen)            8310 Sint Kruis (Brugge)
>tel 00 32 477 27 87 40
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