[TRNSYS-users] Some questions about TRNSYS

起那 王 benzffff at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Nov 26 23:00:38 PST 2007

Dear sir(s):
I’m a HVAC engineer working in China Academy of Building Research. Recently, I’m learning to use the Ground Heat exchangers model, which is one part of TRNSYS models. There has a question that puzzled me for a long time. So, I would appreciate that if you could give me some message and instruction about it.
In the Geothermal Heat Pump Library, after reading its menu, I still could not understand very clearly that how does the boundary condition be built up? Just taking Type557a for example. How does the boundary condition be built up with only one borehole, and how about the boreholes?
Frankly speaking, my written English is not very well. So, if there are any sentences confused you,  please let me know. Thank you for you time and consideration.
I'm looking forward to receiving your message.
Yours faithfully  Shen

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