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Adrien JEZEQUEL a.jezequel at itf.biz
Mon Nov 19 06:27:01 PST 2007

Dear Vukman,

When you use several online plotters, the result of each connected Type 
appears in a tab on the left hand bottom corner from your graph frame 
(TRNEXE). These tabs are automaticaly added by the Studio when you 
connect another online plotter in your project. As far as I remember, 
the number of online plotters that you can observe on charts in TRENEXE 
frame is limited. I remind me that I couldn't observe results from more 
than 5 online plotters in the same project.

You can also give them a particular name by changing characters in 
Type65 Special Cards tab and specify axis titles.

Best regards,

Dr Vukman Bakic a écrit :
> Dear Sir,
> When I used more then one online plotters in project, how can I see 
> results of simulation on second, thried etc. plotter?
> Thanks
> Vukman 
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