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David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
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  I need to see your *.bui file in order to be certain about the 
cause of the problem. However, the error that you are getting is 
because there is some EXTERNAL surface that is set to have an 
automatically calculated heat transfer coefficient. Because EXTERNAL 
surfaces are subject to ambient conditions (wind, etc.) and because 
the automatic heat transfer coefficient calculation is for natural 
convection, the methodology doesn't apply. Start by checking all of 
the wall types that you have set as EXTERNAL and make sure that the 
outside surface heat transfer coefficient is set to either "constant" 
or "input" and not to "automatic"
Kind regards,

At 14:10 7/21/2007, Destin Noa wrote:
>I am modeling a multi-Zone Building  Using Type 56, My building has 
>6 zones ( C2,D2,E2, and C1,D1,and E1); But  when i did edit the 
>building I had two error: The stating that: "error in automatic heat 
>transfer calculation for surface 24 or it adjacent surface! 
>Automatic heat calculation is only allowed on the surfaces within a 
>zone". I would appreciate any help or advice how to slove this problem.
>Thank you
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