[TRNSYS-users] TYPE 97 and CONTAM

giacomo.villi at unipd.it giacomo.villi at unipd.it
Thu Jul 19 09:53:07 PDT 2007

I am having some problems with TYPE 97. I am modeling a single zone building
and i have told TYPE 97 to print the airflow from that zone to the ambient
and from the ambient to that zone (the two values should be the same of
course) as
I want to be sure that everything is working properly.
Air is supposed to flow in from one device at the bottom of the zone and
it is leaving from three exits in the top.
In CONTAM everything seems to work fine but in TRNSYS i am told that the
two values (inflow and outflow) are different.
Any help will be appreciated,
thanks in advance

Giacomo Villi
Univerisità degli Studi di Padova
Dipartimento di Fisica Tecnica (DFT)
Tel: +39 049 8276871

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