[TRNSYS-users] C++ dll for new components

Henk Stijnen Stijnen at dwa.nl
Thu Jul 19 02:33:37 PDT 2007

Hi all,
I'm trying to implement a new component (Type 201) in C++ following the sectio 9.1 from the "Getting Started" manual. I've made the cpp via the wizard, compiled the dll and placed it in %Trnsys16_1%\UserLib\ReleaseDLLs.
Now the simulation gives an error, can't find the component. The log file shows the following:
*** Notice at time        :         0.000000
    Generated by Unit     : Not applicable or not available
    Generated by Type     : Not applicable or not available
    Message               : "Type201Lib.dll" was found but did not contain any components from the input file.
What is at hand? Has anyone experience with implementing C++ components?
Another problem is perhaps that I'm using Borland C++Builder, while the wizard generates a makefile for VC. I've transformed the generated makefile type201.dsp with a Borland tool vctobpr to a C++Builder project and compiled it. Anyone using C++Builder?
Thanks for help
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